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At Quality Plus Essentials the word “quality” has meaning. The product lines we offer represent only the finest available in today’s market, ensuring that you can be confident and secure with your selection. With an innumerable amount of companies and products to choose from, we find it imperative to hold the products we represent to the highest standards. After all, we care about what we put in and on our bodies and offering only the best will do.

Weight Loss

Are you one of the millions who carry around a few extra pounds? Have you tried all the fad diets with little to no success? Our products are not a “lose extra pounds fast so you can gain them back just as quickly as you lost them” type of weight loss program. These products are formulated from natural seeds then grown in rural areas (not near metropolitan areas), harvested when ripe and processed immediately to secure their freshness. What we offer is organic, phytonutrient rich, superfoods that help your body function at maximum potential. The initial 10 day program will help flush your body and get your body’s systems working properly, all while losing a couple extra pounds.


Athletes work their body hard and need to supplement what is lost during their workout. These products consist of vegan proteins, phytonutrient (plant based) shakes, Lactic Acid reducer, electrolyte supplements and much, much more. Before and after a tough workout, give your body what it needs and craves. You’ll feel better for it.

Family Nutrition

Basic nutrition is fundamental to a happy, healthy and beneficial quality of life. If you’re looking to eat better for yourself or a family member, these products are the perfect place to start. We cover all the major food groups: PROTEIN, FRUITS and VEGETABLES. Our products are organic, vegan, gluten free, non-GMO, kosher and raw.

Greens (Phytonutrients)

Green, leafy vegetables typically contain 20 times more essential nutrients than any other food, pound for pound. Green vegetables help to: 1) distribute oxygen in the blood; 2) detoxify our tissues & organs; 3) balance our body’s pH levels. Greens are integral to our energy, immunity, mental health and longevity. The products we offer are premium greens with organic flavors for your tastebuds and easy to take.


We all want to stop the process of aging. If we could only figure out how to stop time. With this super potent, Antioxidant-rich superfood we can grow healthier and stronger cells everyday! When your body produces a healthy cell, the effects are noticed with healthy, beautiful skin. The concentrate is made using sour, tart Cherries which have a high Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) value.


It’s a well known fact that we do not get the nutrients our body’s need from the food we eat. Although the nutritional products we carry on this site will help replenish most of what we need, sometimes we need additional supplements for specific purposes. Did you know that vitamins in pill form are sometime difficult for the body to break down and absorb? They can pass right through the body with little to no nutrients absorbed. We focused on finding liquid supplements that absorb easily. They are either nano-enhanced for greater absorption or wrapped in liposomes for a slower breakdown of the nutrients. These delivery systems allow for minimal waste from your body “flushing” the nutrients before they can be utilized.

We're Quality — Plus!

When narrowing down the selection of products to represent, we have gone to great lengths to thoroughly evaluate the quality, content and concentration. There is truth in transparency and we believe it is the best practice to be forthcoming with the information that matters during your selection making process. You can rest assured knowing we have filtered through countless products to bring you only the ones of superior quality.

Knowing that our actions have a profound impact of the world around us, we want Quality Plus Essentials to be different. We promise to keep current with the ever changing market and to continually review and research new products as they become available. The products we represent are non-GMO and organic.

Our mission is to research and evaluate each product, then offer the best quality available. We wish you the best quality of life and good health!

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